FLEMING & ASSOCIATES IN                       Serving Virginia and Southern Maryland Riverfront and Lakefront Residences
We are your waterfront specialists!
Fleming & Associates Inc....     
Established in 1994, our company has set the
standard in marine construction to build
quality waterfront products that will last for
Docks and Piers....
Our piers are custom built to meet your
specific needs.  We can construct them with
wood or composite material, whichever you
prefer.  Our finished product will leave you
Seawalls and Bulkheads....        
Seawalls and Bulkheads are our specialty.  
Combating land erosion is something our
company takes very seriously.  Waterfront
properties must  be preserved, and we
understand that.  Our company has
created a unique method of constructing
seawalls and bulkheads to ensure both
beauty and brawn.  Our seawalls are made
to withstand not only the everyday
elements of wind and water, but even
harsher environments like hurricanes and
north-eastern storms.  They are created for
quality and built to last through thick and